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With approximately 500.000 tons per year China is the world-wide largest producer of natural graphite. More than one third of it is exported to Europe, USA and to the Middle East. The majority of ca. 30 active mines are located in the provinces Heilongjiang, Shandong and Inner Mongolia. Depending on the origin and the deposit the graphite is qualified for different fields of application.

IEA International Trading maintains a detailed data base of all different deposits and nearly all 130 Chinese graphite refineries. This enables us to manage the production of graphite meeting even exceptional customer requirements, e.g. concerning specifications of bulk density or ash composition.

We know the strong points of each graphite mine or refinery. Thus we are able to offer highest quality grades of graphite. Our suppliers are certified according to DIN ISO and monitored by a continuing quality control.

Available are:

amorphous graphite
flake and powder graphite
micronized graphite
expandable graphite
• graphite foils
• spherical graphite
• synthetic graphite
• graphite components

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