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IEA Qingdao was founded in Qingdao by the Swiss IEA International Trading AG. Qingdao is the fourth biggest harbour in China, located roughly in the middle between Peking and Shanghai where the Olympic sailing competition will take place in 2008.

Based on the powerful resources, strong technology background and extensive business connections of the IEA AG, IEA Qingdao has established an information network and supply & demand system. We apply our efforts to strengthen the trade between China and Europe and to develop long-term cooperation for mutual benefit.

With our team of experienced European and Chinese colleguages we can satisfy the needs of both our Western and Eastern customers.

The operational principles of IEA Qingdao are:
Purchasing directly from manufacturers, accumulating orders form different customers, timely payments so as to get the best prices and competitive business terms as well as comprehensive service. In this way, we are a reliable importer with credibility, reasonable prices and excellent service in China.

We apply our energy to introduce advanced systems, excellent equipment and high quality special parts from the West. By importing modern products for our customers the technical level is improved, more functions are added, the production capacity is optimized and the value of the Chinese equipment is increased.
At present, IEA Qingdao focuses on devices, systems and special parts for textile machinery amongst others. Additionally, we handle the import and export of large volume raw materials and additives.

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