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The Swiss IEA International Trading AG (short: IEA AG) is the worldwide headquarters of the trading activities and is responsible for strategic decisions and financing the business development. IEA AG was founded in Zug in 1997 as part of the IVM group with its 40 years of history.

Our main experience comprises technical products, production plants (installations) and processes as well as complete systems and methods.

According to our principle to have close contact with our customers, IEA AG so far set up companies in Austria and in China.

The importance of Austria as a gateway to the Eastern European countries has it’s roots in the Austrian history with its close and good relations to these countries, and it will increase steadily with the growth of trade. Our Vienna company IEA International Engineering Activities GmbH, founded in 2002, has two main business fields: Engineering and Trading.

Since the volume of business between Europe and Asia is rising continuously, the emphasis of IEA International Trading Qingdao Co. Ltd in Shandong is set on trading. We started in China in 1999 with a representative office, which was followed by the founding of IEA Qingdao in 2003 to provide our customers with a more direct and comprehensive service and to be fully capable of acting in China.

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