IEA International Trading specializes in trading in technical products, mainly between  Europe and Asia.


Our goal is to establish close and solid contact with both customers and suppliers, to provide them with excellent service and to build a reliable and trusty long-term relationship.


Power on!


The largest rooftop photovoltaic power plant has been erected on the rooftops of the organic chicken farm Yesilküre in Samsun at the Black Sea.

Graphite ...

August 2019

... directly ordered in Munich ...

Graphite-Elektrodes ...

July 2019

... with diameter 700 to 750 mm produced in China will be available shortly!


Who We Are

Welcome to IEA International Trading

The core business of our group of companies is the trade in technical products. Thanks to our various branches we communicate in the local language with the understanding and respect for the cultural differences and with the endeavor to offer the best service in the most ideal conditions to our customers. We are always there where our customers need us.

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