Bamboo and Wood Products

1. Bamboo

Bamboo can grow up to one meter a day - more than any other plant. This is why there is no other tree which absorbs as much CO2 as bamboo. Bamboo is comparable to steel because of its unique flexibility, combined with high pressure and shock resistance. Furthermore, bamboo is as hard as oak however grows three times faster than spruce.

Many experts belive that extensive cultivation of bamoo could help solve the biggest environemental problems of the 21st century, such as climate change, soil erosion, tropical deforestation and water deficiency.

We therefore believe that bamboo is the ecological and economical alternative to customary parquets. Our partners are the most innovatioe bamboo producers in China, using the latest manufacturingmethods to produce parquet that meets the highest requirements.

Our collection includes:

  • Compact parquet flooring
  • Baton parquet
  • Parquet for industrial use
  • Three-layer parquet
  • Bamboo parquet for outskirt areas

Due to the fairly broad and long panels with heir similar grain and delicate colours a noble and spacious impression can be achieved, suitable as industrial flooring, in private homes as well as for outskirt areas.

Our bamboo floorings are beautiful, practical and robust. Choosing bamboo parquet is a new interesting alternative to common wood parquets while contributing to the preservation of our woods.

We are looking forward to receiving our inquiry.

2. Wood

For years, we have been successfully offering a wide range of wood-based panels, semi-finished products, parquets and finished products (for example infrared saunas) from China in the European market. The wood originates mainly from sustainable forestry. Native wood such as poplar, pine, bamboo and birch are harvested in cultivated plantations.

The broad product range is intended to optimally cover the wishes of our European customers in the areas of industry, furniture and interior design, general joinery as well as element and timber construction.

We nearly carry all types of wood, such as American oak, walnut, Canadian maple and European ash, cherry, Asian merbau, teak, mahogany, Doussie, etc.


Plywood boards, chipboards,oriented strand boards

Plywood boards
Plywood boards are available as raw boards, ground, noble veneer or film-coated, in most customary sizes.

Chipboard panels (HDF, MDF) are produced from locally growing poplars, pines, bamboo and birches.

OSB (oriented strand boards)
OSB boards are a rather new Chinese-made product. Nevertheless, thanks to state-of-the-art production machines the quality level is considerable.


We are able to practically offer any type of parquet, in particular also in the "click-lock design“. Any parquet is treated with the best oils or sealed with high-quality varnish and will be delivered with a test certificate each.

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