Photovoltaic Products

The IEA group is active with a particular focus on photovoltaics.

Our product range contains mainly PV components, both „made in Germany“ and Asian products as well.

Basically we offer all essential PV components technologies.

Besides economic polycrystalline components suitable for large scale projects  we also offer  high-performance monocrystalline modules for projects on limited spaces. Of course our product range includes heat resistant thin-film modules.

You have demands in terms of performance, price or simply visual appearance, we find the suitable products for you!

Additional components for photovoltaic plants such as solar converters for any performance classes, scalable battery systems and mounting systems for all conceivable applications you can obtain from us as a suitable all-in-one system.

Always significant is a high quality standard of all products.

We are on our way worldwide to ensure with our external partners that strict quality guidelines are observed.

This is why we are able to provide perfectly all your prospective  projects.

Our Reference projects:

Common project of IEA Munich and Tiryaki Turkey

Due to the coarse conditions of the location on the rooftop of a chicken farm we have chosen monocrystalline PERC Double-Glass panels of the company GTC. The Double-Glass technology stands for a perfect encapsulation of the cells which grants a long term ammoniac  durability of the panels. In total there are 16,720 GTC GG1H310 panels mounted. The resulting plant size is 5.1832 MW.

To avoid mismatch losses each panels has a Solaredge power optimizer. The Solaredge optimizer keeps the panel always in its best operation point even if the conditions are changing.

Considering the top level equipment and the professional installation supervised by German engineers  the Samsung power plant will produce a maxima of electrical power. Reliably over the next decades.

Project Nevsehir, Turkey
Delivery of 4,600 policristalline panels, in total 1.196 MW

Project Konya, Turkey
Delivery of 4,100 polycristalline panels, in total 1.107 MW

Project Malatya, Turkey
Delivery of 15,860 polycristalline panels, in total 4.1 MW

Project Bayburt, Turkey
Delivery of 27,516 polycrictalline panels, in total 7.429 MW

Project Spisska Bela, Slovakia
Delivery of 539 monocristalline panels, in total 100 kWp

Project Spulberg, Germany
Delivery of 5,410 polycristalline panels, in total 1.6 MW