IEA International Trading AG in Switzerland, IEA AG for short, is the worldwide headquarter of the trading activities of the IEA  Group. IEA AG is responsible for strategic decisions and the financing of the business development. The company was founded in 1997 in Zug as a member of the IVMGroup, which looks back on a 50-year history.

Our experience in the field of technology includes technical products, production equipment and production processes, complete systems and methods.

Trade between Asia and Europe is becoming increasingly important. In 1999, IEA AG opened a representative office in China and started to built contacts and customer relationships directly on site. In 2003, IEA AG founded the IEA International Trading Qingdao Co. Ltd. in Qingdao, Shandong Province, to provide its customers with more direct and better service and to be fully operational in China.

Meanwhile, other Asian markets became interesting. Of special importance is Vietnam. Many Chinese photovoltaic producers have set up branches in Vietnam. Therefore we have direct contacts with this country, but not only in this field.

In 2009,  IEA Munich was founded in order to offer a direct contact to our German customers as well as customers from the EU. Like IEA Qingdao, IEA Munich benefits of all the resources of the entire IEA Group.

The trade in graphite and graphite products is an important business area. China is one of the graphite richest countries in the world, with business shifting from original graphite to refined graphite.

An important partner in the field of graphite is the Aoyu Graphite Group with its subsidiary Aoxing New Material Co. Ltd, an important producer of spherical graphite.

The mechanical engineering division is becoming more and more important. The quality of Chinese machinery and equipment is very good and the prices are often much cheaper than European products. Thanks to our experience and our many years of on-site presence, we maintain excellent contacts, whether for procurement or to gain partners for the full or partial realization of new production sites.

Due to regional conditions and needs, the individual IEA branches have their specialized core business. However, all IEA branches are closely networked and in constant mutual exchange of information.